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We dedicate today's inspirational article to visual artist Jacob Dahlgren. He is an artist from Stockholm (Sweden) who realizes artistic installations with elements of daily life, such as cans, dumbbells, clothes hangers, striped dressing rooms, coffee mugs, spools of thread,

This is Stefano Barattini’s project who has travelled around Italy in search of sanatoriums, villas, farm houses, mental hospitals, factories and prisons in a state of complete dereliction. The main cultural purpose is to keep photographic traces of an artistic

We present you Truman, one of the latest Güell Lamadrid collections. It is a 100% cotton fabric perfect for any type of stay.     For its success and its versatility, we want to dedicate this article to great films in the history

This week we are going to do a review of the best interiors of David Hockney's works. Almost 80 years old, David Hockney is one of the most "tachyon" live artists. His taste for furniture and colors are reflected in