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Art for the floors

Now we walk on them, but before we hung them on the walls and even on tables. Turks or Persians. Carpets are today the decorative wildcard for our homes and some people even dare to reinvent them.

The drawn by Jonathan Bréchignac

This French artist has designed and drawn what he called “The Blue Carpet”, a carpet of Muslim inspiration fully drawn with blue ink of BIC pens. A creation of 115 x 73 cm. He takes into account every detail; he even drew QR codes that lead directly to the website created especially for this work.



Century XXI by David Thomas Smith

This photographer creates an updated definition of the word “carpet”. Thanks to Google, he invents carpets from designs with satellite views from different corners of the world. He builds images multiplied following the patterns and motifs of Persian rugs.



Kaleidoscopic by Suzan Drummen

This Dutch girl uses thousands of tiny crystals and other bright objects to create carpets that are pure visual art objects. Suzan’s creations (believe it or not) can spread and move freely on the ground. However, we never dare to step on top of them.