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Fabric made from a two-tone herringbone pattern in a blend of linen, viscose and polyester. Available in 6 colors.




Victor Vasarely in search of movement



When we talk about movement in the art world, one cannot stop talking about the Hungarian artist Victor Vasarely, one of the main developers of Op Art. His vocation towards representing movement from flat works made him one of the most important artistic figures in the twentieth century. And the trush is that when you see a piece by Vasarely live, you understand that his paintings seem to move, and surprisingly they do so only through shapes and colors.



Vasarely was a fundamental figure in the configuration of this creative trend, which arose with the obsession with fungibility, the representation of movement through geometry and chromaticism, and the impact of new techniques in the world of film and photography. He studied graphic design, a training that left a clear imprint on his work.





Throughout his career, which began as a commercial graphic designer in Paris in the 1930s and 1940s, until his last decades, Vasarely became an artist with a unique stamp and a virtuous technical precision, as well as a great scientific expert on the geometry and perception. Victor Vasarely passed away in Paris on March 15, 1997.