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Damascus, history of an ancient city.

The ancient city of Damascus could be taken from the tale of

Thousand and one nights“.

The chaotic and labyrinthine bazaars combined with some constructions dating back more than 4.000 years, make this city one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. You can discover ruins of Roman or Byzantine buildings, Christian churches hundreds of years old, mosques built by the Umayyad dynasty such as the Great Mosque of Damascus, or buildings from the Mamluk and Ottoman periods.

The inhabitants of the city have lived with history through civilizations, cultures, and religions.

Damascus Collection.

This elegant and beautiful collection of high-quality multipurpose fabrics, includes a jacquard damask design, a chenille that reveals a discreet “Prince of Wales” type design, and a two-tone herringbone pattern. They can all can be combined with each other.


Damask fabric of great richness and exceptional hand, with a composition that mixes viscose, linen, cotton, and wool. It is perfect for use in upholstery, curtains, and decorative accessories. We present it in 6 colors: gold, green, terracotta, stone, blue and black.


Elegant two-tone herringbone fabric with an ecru background made with a mixture of different fibers. Ideal for use in upholstery and accessories. It is available in 6 colors that coordinate with the rest of the collection.


Discreet chenille fabric with a pattern inspired by the classic “Prince of Wales”, perfect for upholstering any decorative piece and for making accessories. We present this fabric in 6 colors that coordinate with the rest of the collection.