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50 years creating “Fabrics with History”

Güell Lamadrid, the renowned fabric brand, is celebrating this year by commemorating its half century of existence in the high decoration market both in Spain and in the rest of the world

Fabrics with History

The history of Güell Lamadrid dates back to 1973, when Javier López de Lamadrid, with his vision and passion for textile design, founded the company. Later, at the end of the 80s, Álvaro López de Lamadrid joined the company providing organization and a new vision of the future. In the following decade, Borja López de Lamadrid joined the company, playing a fundamental role in the expansion and diversification of the brand.

Today, Güell Lamadrid has become a benchmark in the European high decoration market. Its renowned editorial brand is inspired by various cultures and universal textile traditions, reinterpreting them in a contemporary way.

Photo report in Comillas

To commemorate the 50th anniversary, Güell Lamadrid has carried out a unique photographic report that highlights the historical and most representative fabrics of the brand in a location charged with meaning for the family: Comillas, the charming Cantabrian town. It is in this small corner of Spain where much of the history of the López de Lamadrid family was forged, in a wonderful manor house known as La Portilla.

The photographic report carried out to celebrate 50 years shows the most emblematic and representative fabrics of the brand to date, decorating the famous Japanese room, the leafy gardens and the imposing façade of La Portilla. The photographer behind this wonderful report is Elena López de Lamadrid.