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The evolution of classic interiors with contemporary pieces We understand that interior design reflects the cultural evolution and stylistic trends of each era. As societies evolve, so do our homes, transforming from purely functional spaces to manifestations of personal and collective

Claude Monet's "Water Lilies" series (Nymphéas in French) on display at the Musée de la Orangerie in Paris, was produced between 1898 and 1926. Almost three decades of the painter's life were dedicated to this beautiful floral motif, inspired by

Sherwood Forest was a prized hunting area for 15th-century English kings, and was full of majestic oaks, elms, and beeches. It occupied a vast expanse in the centre of medieval England, surrounded by varied fauna and flora. There were strict

From the second half of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, a movement called Arts & Crafts was developing in old Europe. This movement arose as a contrast to the practicality, coldness and lack of ornamentation

One of the most important figures of 20th century French fashion was Loulou de la Falaise. Model, creator and muse of couturier Yves Saint Laurent, Loulou attracted and fascinated by her creativity, elegance and eternal smile. Photo: Rizzoli Dissatisfied with the role

The wonderful Palace of Versailles gives its name to this 100% cotton velvet, available in a spectacular range of 120 colors. Perfect to make spectacular curtains, to upholster the most select furniture and to use in decorative accessories. Olafur Eliasson at

Fado, the famous Portuguese musical style, which has been declared intangible cultural heritage, is the origin of the name of this smooth double-width fabric, available in an extensive range of 16 colours. Different islands of this archipelago give their names

A collection inspired by the volcanic archipelago of St. Kilda, a World Heritage Site, located in the United Kingdom. Different islands in this archipelago give their names to the fabrics of the collection. Hirta: duotone spike design chenille, perfect for all

French cuisine is one of the finest on the planet and is recognised as Intangible Cultural Heritage. It wouldn’t be the same, however, without its aromatic herbs, which must come from the French region of Provence. This is the inspiration

A collection of prints inspired by the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve, which was designated as such in 2000 as part of the “Man and the Biosphere” UNESCO programme. Located in the Colombian Western Caribbean, its protected status has conserved key species