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Tell me how you live and I’ll tell you if you’re a millennial

Millennials are all young people born in the eighties. They are a digital generation, hyper connected and with high social and ethical values. All this and more makes them different from past generations. And, of course, it also makes them want different houses. Let’s take a look at their perfect homes.


Collection: Townhill


Friends on Instagram… And at home


Millennials look for a space that allows them to socialize in a comfortable, aesthetic and technological way. That’s why they love open spaces, open living rooms, comfortable kitchens and multifunctional areas. The living room is not the core of the house anymore, now it is the kitchen.


Collection: Starman


They only have space only for the important things


If something characterizes millennials is having very little attachment for material things. Concepts such as austerity in spaces, getting rid of clutter and reducing the closet to 7 essential garments are practices that are sweeping this generation.


Collection: Brunch


Versatile spaces for leisure and work


Millennials are also known for their tendency to bleisure (business and leisure), which turns their houses into an office, hub, workshop, showroom and home. That’s why they choose a versatile furniture that can work for everything. The cables are not millennial friends, if it’s wireless, better.


Collection: Townhill