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All about Eve & Talos

Is there anyone left alive who loves good cinema and who has not yet seen the 6-Oscar-deserving “All about Eve”? 

Recall that Bette Davis plays a famous actress who is betrayed by the young wannabe Eve. In the film, only one person is able to discover the true intentions and “undress” the evil Anne Baxter.

Eve collection

Today we discover the Eve collection, a recycled polyester with the SF seal of Sustainable Fabrics, whose natural look and impressive fall, make it ideal for curtains.

In addition, Eve is semi-transparent to light and comes in a range of precious powdery colors with a rustic or vintage look.

Talos collection

The Talos collection is a very resistant bouclé, ideal for upholstering and making accessories such as cushions and decorative accessories. Talos is also a recycled polyester and therefore part of our SF repertoire of sustainable collections.

It is available in a range of 14 colors and has a warm look and soft touch.