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Ganesh, the story of an elephant

Hindu Culture is the inspiration for the creation of Ganesh, a fun collection that includes a spectacular elephant design and an elegant jacquard with a jungle-inspired pattern, with an exceptional drape. Elephants play the role of the “caryatids” of the universe, they possess the four pillars that support the earth. We could say that these mammals, descendants of the extinct mammoths, are the support of the world for the Hindu culture. In the broadest and most universal sense, they are a symbol of strength and power, not only physical, but also mental and spiritual.

The term “Ganesh” alludes to Ganesha, the Hindu god with the body of a man and the head of an elephant which give their name to the two fabrics: Parvati, son of the goddess, and Shiva, the god.

Ganesh collection

We present Ganesh collection that includes 2 fabrics: Shiva & Parvati

Shiva: is a daring design that mixes characteristic elements of Indian culture, such as elephants, swords, and jungle vegetation, ideal for adding a fun and elegant touch to any interior space. It is printed on a 90% cotton 10% linen base and has a rustic appearance. It can be used both in curtains and light upholstery, as well as in bedding and accessories. It comes in four attractive color ranges: green, blue, pink, and natural.

Parvati: spectacular Jacquard, false plain with jungle-inspired texture and drawing, presented in a range of 5 colours that coordinate perfectly with the Shiva print. If you are looking for a “multipurpose” fabric with exceptional drape, volume, and finish, Parvati is the best option for you.