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Heritage Collection

The Heritage collection is inspired by various cultural and natural world heritages located on the African continent, in Indonesia and in the Himalayas. An extensive collection in which we can find from African masks, natural parks, historical monuments or the aesthetics of Egyptian hieroglyphics.



Sumatra: spectacular printed fabric, 100% cotton, with a figurative design of South Asian inspiration, with an original mix of floral motifs with tigers. Available in two color ranges.



Chitwan: multipurpose fabric with an animal print design that imitates the skin of a tiger. Stamped on a Co / Li base and presented in three colors.



Markala: fabric with African ethnic design, type “mud cloth”, printed on a Co / Li base and presented in three colors: black, white and beige. Ideal for all types of decorative use.



Kilimanjaro: multipurpose fabric with ethnic design, printed on a Co / Li base. Available in two color ranges: Beige – gray, and blue – green – brown.



Memphis: woven with a hieroglyphic design, stamped on a Co / Li base. Available in three colors.



Saint Floris: printed fabric with animal print design that imitates leopard skin. Composition Co / Li. Available in two colors.



Serengetti: fun fabric printed on a 100% cotton base and with an original giraffe design. Perfect for all kinds of decorative use. Available in red and ecru.



A collection inspired by the

cultural and natural World Heritage Sites


Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt, was considered in antiquity one of the Seven Wonders of the World, around which extraordinary funerary monuments subsist: cave tombs, delicately ornamented mastabas, temples and pyramids.



Serengetti is a World Heritage National Park of 1.5 million hectares of vast savannah plains, which is witness to an authentic spectacle of nature unique in the world in which more than a million wildebeest, hundreds of thousands zebras, gazelles and other species of herbivores roam the endless plains of Tanzania every year: The Great Serengetti Migration.



The volcanic massif of Kilimanjaro, topped by its famous peak of 5,895 meters of altitude, is the “roof” of the African continent. Covered in perpetual snow, its summit stands alone in the middle of the surrounding savanna and is surrounded by a mountain forest where numerous species of mammals live, many of which are in danger of extinction.


Sumatra’s World Heritage Rainforest covers an area of ​​2.5 million hectares and comprises the three national parks of Gunung Leuser, Kerinci Seblat and Bukit Barisan Selatan. It offers optimal possibilities for the long-term conservation of the specific fauna and flora of Sumatra.



Located at the foot of the Himalayas, Chitwan National Park is one of the rare intact remnants of the Terai region, which spans the territories of India and Nepal. Its flora and fauna are very rich. The site is home to one of the few surviving populations of the Asian single-horned rhinoceros and is one of the last refuges for the Bengal tiger.



Saint Floris
The Manovo-Gounda St. Floris National Park, a heritage located in the Central African Republic, has a great environmental importance due to the richness of its flora and fauna. Its vast savannas offer refuge to a wide variety of mammals – black rhinoceros, cheetahs, elephants, leopards, wild dogs, gazelles and buffalo – and the floodplains of the north are home to different types of waterfowl.