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Ikigai, to live longer and better

In Japan there is a village that has the highest longevity index in the world. It is called Ogimi, where centenarians who feel eternally young live and show an enviable level of vitality. But why is that? Perhaps the story of Kane Tanaka will provide us with the explanation, since she is 119 years and holds the record of being the oldest Japanese in the world. Her story is full of curiosities, such as being a lover of solving math problems, eating chocolate, drinking soda and taking long walks. Scientists and neurologists agree that the answer to such a long life lies in “Ikigai”.  

“Ikigai” is the Japanese concept for living longer and better. It does not have an exact translation; however, it is attributed an especially beautiful meaning: to have a reason to live.

Ikigai collection

We present the Ikigai collection, whose inspiration is based on the imaginary of Japanese history, and includes 3 fabrics: Kanji, Komorebi and Ukiyo.

Kanji: means happiness and fortune. It is a wonderful 100% cotton multi-purpose satin, with an excellent drape, printed with a geisha design and other Japanese elements such as vases, flowers, and typical utensils. Ideal for making curtains, accessories, and upholstery. It is available in 4 colour ranges: pink, natural, water and blue. 

Komorebi: describes the dappled light that filter through the branches of the trees. This elegant carved velvet, with a geometric design, can be used to upholster sofas or armchairs, as well as to make decorative accessories such as cushions and bedding accessories. It is presented in 5 colours that perfectly coordinate with Kanji and Ukiyo

Ukiyo: refers to the importance of living in the present and enjoying the moment. This wonderful 100% cotton fabric with a geometric design and contemporary style is ideal for upholstery, curtains and accessories.