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Journey through the Inca culture

The Condor, the Puma and the Snake.  

To comprehend the importance of these three animals in Inca mythology, we must first understand their culture and why they were highly respected. The Condor is a sacred bird due to its ability to fly over high altitudes. This animal was venerated because it was the one communicating with the god of heaven. The Puma represented the world of the living, and was nicknamed “Kay Pachá”, whose symbol is strength, wisdom, and intelligence. And the last of this sacred trilogy is the Sneak, the infinite, the world under the earth, word of the dead and world of the ancestors. 

The Incas are part of the Andean civilization, and their empire and influence was among the main of all civilizations of America covering the territories of Peru, Bolivia, northern Chile, northwest Argentina, and southern Ecuador. 

Kay collection

We present Kay, a floral design of Andean inspiration, whose name refers to “Kay Pachá”, the here and now of Inca cosmology. 

It is printed on a cotton/linen base, which makes it ideal for upholstery and tailoring of accessories and curtains. 

It is available in 5 different colors, two of them have a colorful base and the other three have neutral base, turning Kay in a very versatile article. In addition, it has a stain-free finish which means it is water repellent and easy cleaning, ideal for lived environments.