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Krele, which means “clothing” in Afrikaans language, is the name of this new collection of ethnic fabrics inspired by the traditional clothing of African tribes, which are for them a symbol of identity, and stand out for their variety of bright and striking colors and geometric designs.


Fabric with an embroidered medallion design on an ecru polyester base. Available in 3 shades: gold, blue-gray and off-white.



Multicolour textile with lively geometric shapes embroidered on a blended bases of polyester/acrylic and linen. Multicolour design.



Multicolored fabric with fun embroidered geometric shapes on a base that mixes polyester / acrylic and linen. Available in 3 color ranges.



The tribal dresses of Nick Cave

Meet the American artist Nick Cave (not to be confused with the Australian musician Nick Cave). His most famous works are his portable human-sized sculptures known as Soundsuits. Shamanic and tribal looking costumes, inspired by African ceremonial dress and African American traditions. They are made from collected, recycled and regenerated objects that the artist finds in antique shops and street markets.



With them, the artist explores new forms and not only recontextualizes everyday objects, but fashion and haute couture to shed a new light on America’s racial history.

The costumes hide the visible traits of race, class and gender of a person, creating at the same time a collective and universal experience and a new different way of being heard and protesting, without prejudice. In his performances, he uses local musicians and dancers, and young people from more disadvantaged backgrounds.


Cave studied acting, sculpture and dance at the Kansas City Art Institute in Missouri, trained as a dancer with the Alvin Ailey Dance Company in New York, and now directs the fashion graduate program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.