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La Garçonnière by Juan Avellaneda

La Garçonnière is born from the collaboration of Güell Lamadrid with the designer Juan Avellaneda, considered one of the best designers of men’s fashion in Spain, as well as a reference of style both inside and outside our borders.

Juan developed Avellaneda to dress the Mediterranean man taking as a starting point the traditional tailoring, which he reinvents and transfers to the contemporary world. La Garçonnière collection has been conceived from its marked masculine style which you can appreciate in the shapes, colors and designs. Avellaneda has created the collection inspired by those men who have marked him the most, influencing him in his professional and personal life. For this reason, the collection consists of 7 fabrics as a tribute to Yves Saint Laurent, Salvador Dalí, Federico García Lorca, Jacques de Bascher or even his personal partner; men who have pursued their intuitions, their dreams and who have defended their thoughts and visions of the world.



The men who inspires Avellaneda


Inspired by Salvador Dalí, Federico García Lorca, Yves Saint Laurent and Jacques de Bascher, La Garçonnière draws the intuitions, dreams and visions of the world that have pursued each of these icons of history. And we think… who were the men who inspired them?


The men who inspired Salvador Dalí

In a few years, Dalí became the great figure of surrealism and the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud had an enormous paper on his work. Influenced by the dictates of his theories, the artist brought to light through his works the most hidden aspects of his erotic life, his fantasies and desires.

Another figure that influenced the work of Dalí was Diego Velázquez, the Andalusian master painter. “Velázquez is the supreme genius,” he said.


The men who inspired Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent, the greatest fashion reference. At the age of 21, he became the youngest haute couturier in French as Dior’s successor. In 1961 he founded his firm YSL together with Pierre Bergé, his business partner and lover.

His passion for art led him to “honor” great artists such as Piet Mondrian, Picasso and Braque, with dresses that reproduce their motives.

Piet Mondrian

Pablo Picasso


The men who inspired Federico García Lorca

Poet, dramatist and Spanish prose writer, attached to the so-called Generation of 27, García Lorca was the poet with the greatest influence and popularity of twentieth-century Spanish literature. In 1919 he entered the Residencia de Estudiantes, a real intellectual hotbed that welcomed great figures such as Albert Einstein, and many of the most important writers and intellectuals in Spain: Luis Buñuel, Rafael Alberti and Salvador Dalí, who greatly influenced his work.

Lorca and Luis Buñuel on an airplane made of paper.


Lorca and Dalí in Cadaqués, 1927.


The men who inspired Jacques de Bascher

Irresistible dandy and member of the Parisian jet set, Jacques de Bascher was Karl Lagerfeld’s couple for eighteen years. “Jacques was the most distinguished Frenchman I’ve ever met,” recalls Karl Lagerfeld. “When I was young, he was a devil with the face of Garbo […] He dressed like nobody else, he was in the vanguard of everyone, he made me laugh more than anyone, he was the opposite of me. He was also impossible and despicable, it was perfect, it caused incredible cases of jealousy. “

Many criticize Jaques for not doing anything else in his life than using drugs and seducing great fashion icons and men and women. “They say I do nothing: they are wrong, my essential task is to inspire Karl…”, he said. But it seduced Yves Saint Laurent, provoking the anger of Pierre Bergé and the end of the friendship between Karl and Yves.

Jaques and Karl.


Jaques talking to David Hockney, Nicky Weymouth and Yves Saint Laurent.