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Lagoon, inspired in the in the lagoons of French Polinesia

Outdoor/FR collection inspired by the incredible lagoons of French Polynesia, characterized mainly by its variety of colors depending on the depth of the water: dark indigo when it is very deep, all the pastel shades of blue and green; and in its corals, when they are very close to the surface, together with the fauna that colonizes them, they get to show a great variety of colors. The collection is presented in 6 shades, ranging from yellow, green and blue to the most neutral such as beige and black.


Bora Bora: Textured outdoor / FR fabric and fun geometric design. Available in 6 colors.

Maupiti: Outdoor / FR fabric with zic-zac design presented in 6 shades.

Puka: Textured plain outdoor / FR fabric. Available in 6 colors.






Art can also raise awareness
about global warming


The Lagoon collection reminds us of a fact that threatens us all, climate change. When we see the paradise of the lagoons of French Polynesia we cannot avoid thinking that if we continue like this, global warming will cause wonderful paradises to disappear. Coastal areas around the world will become lagoons, and those will not be so heavenly …

We found very interesting the campaign titled + 1,5º It Changes Everything that the Prado Museum launched a few months ago in collaboration with WWF. It is an awareness campaign in which the universal art language is used to make a complaint and claim the need for political agreements and initiatives that ensure the survival of the planet and our own. The museum’s entourage has selected some of its most emblematic works, the paintings “Felipe IV on horseback” by Velázquez, “Children on the beach” by Joaquín Sorolla, “El quitasol” by Goya and “The passage of the Styx lagoon” by Joachim Patinir, and have modified them to warn about climate change and its consequences.


The “Felipe IV on horseback” of Velázquez affected by the rise of the sea and the thaws.


The two protagonists of “El Quitasol” of Goya, as two climatic refugees.


The “Children on the beach” of Sorolla to raise awareness about the extinction of marine species.


“The passage of the Styx lagoon” by Joachim Patinir as a post-apocalyptic scene where drought reigns.