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Macbeth: contemporary inspiration

We start featuring the new collections by Güell Lamadrid with one of our boldest approaches to velvet. Inspired by a contemporary carpet, this collection is remarkable for it’s abstract and unusal pattern.






See it in action in the upholstered sofa below and see next what has inspired this collection.


Macbeth according a piece of art

“One: number 31, 1950″ by Jackson Pollock. Done by chance or on purpose? The risky pattern of Macbeth could perfectly come from a painting by Jackson Pollock, who has always been polemic. His name is totally linked to contemporary art and abstract expressionism. However our Macbeth design really comes from a vintage carpet and it has been printed digitally on a delicate and attractive velvet fabric.


Macbeth according to a song

“Enjoy the silence” by Depeche mode. Electronic, rather dark but also quite tender. This band defy genres and styles and are the perfect soundtrack for Macbeth.


Macbeth according to a city

Berlin, Germany. Cosmopolitan and with multiple dimensions, it is the place to be in Europe and it’s alternative and vanguard culture make this city one of the world capitals of contemporary creation.



Macbeth according to a film

Of course, “Macbeth” by Orson Welles. This collection is named after the film because the figure of the legendary director is present in many of the new collections by Güell-Lamadrid such as Orson & Welles or Kane. We will be talking about them soon! Orson Welles Macbeth’s dark athmosphere and it’s visual vanguardism are the update of a Shakespeare’s classic. In our case, velvet is the classic and our update is this original pattern.



Let us know your thoughs about Macbeth!