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Maximalism is upon us

After decades of insipid minimalism, people are decorating their homes to the maximum. What is happening? Are people getting fed up with pale walls and bare wood in their homes? So it seems. The last years have seen a decisive turnabout. From the likes of Gucci, John Lewis and Marni, they are offering a range of household goods full of color, geometric shapes and surrealism. 

Here are a few keys in order to have a maximalist home:


Dare to mix

Combine antique furniture with modern objects, gold with pastels, checks with stripes or flower patterns. Anything goes, even though finding the perfect combination is not that easy.


Iris Apfel’s home


Fill your home with things

Put wallpaper and paintings all over the walls. Load your shelves with books, travel souvenirs, memories, photos, sculptures…


Karl Lagerfeld’s home


Make room for flowers

Live or dried, or even printed on the walls or on upholstery, in vases. Flowers are a must in any maximalist home that can be appreciated.


David Hockney’s home


Upholster with eclectic fabrics

Decorate your floors with different rugs and combine them with each other, just like you can with the upholstery of sofas and pillows: classic and modern prints, furry and smooth, striped and geometric figures, sizes, colors… have fun!


Dries van Noten’s home