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Seas that inspire

Everything in life improves with a dip in the sea. And if this healing water is that of the Mediterranean, even better.

Whichever beach you choose, the Mediterranean Sea paints the entire coast with a very characteristic colour that inspires all the fortunate enough ones who experience it first-hand. It is a perfect blend of tradition, nature, nuances and freedom.

Mediterranean Seaside II collection

We present you two prints with an  anti-stain that we have called Palma Palmera and Campos Check.

Their original designs continue with the range of colours that we already saw in the first edition of this collection, fresh colours inspired by the Mediterranean: green, blue, orange and brown.

Palma Palmera

Tropical-inspired pattern, printed on a cotton fabric. Ideal to give a touch of colour to any space.

Campos Check

Printed cotton with a geometric check pattern, inspired by the beautiful colours of the Mediterranean.