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Nandi Collection by Toni Espuch from Azul Tierra

Nandi is a collection born from the collaboration with Azul Tierra, a decoration boutique and one of the most exclusive interior design studios in Spain and a true benchmark in the high decoration sector throughout Europe. Its founder and soul of the project Toni Espuch has designed this spectacular collection. The main article is a linen print with a drawing of the Nandi, or sacred cows from India, which gives the collection its name, inspired by some original oil paintings that Toni brought from India. From this drawing he composed the entire collection looking for a balance in textures and color ranges, ranging from blue celadons to terracotta, mustard, going through a range of crude and beige, and other stones and grays.



About Toni Espuch

Toni Espuch is an esthete from Alicante and owner of Azul Tierra for 20 years, a firm that includes a decoration studio and three stores. His style is characterized by a special sensitivity for old objects, with history, taken from his innumerable trips. A discoverer of treasures and an art lover, inseparable from Pablo, his Teckel.



We present a selection of his best projects, to which it will also be added soon the new showroom of Grupo Lamadrid in NYC, which we’ll inaugurate in a few months (October 2018). All of them stand out for their warmth, welcoming spaces full of antiques and classic furniture that combine with contemporary style.