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Chromatic therapy with New Bolero

Ayurveda or “science of life” is the traditional medical system performed in India for more than four millennials. It is a holistic science that considers the human being in its totality and understands health, a state of physical and mental joy, together with happiness and spiritual fulfillment.

Ayurvedic color therapy is aimed to create a harmonious environment in order to provide balance. From its lively chromaticism, yellow stands out because enhances sagacity and creativity, orange favors optimism and self-esteem, and red acts as an effective antidepressant and is associated with passion, love, energy and vitality. Green also has great prominence. According to Indian belief, it is the color of the heart chakra, so it stimulates love and compassion.

New Bolero collection

Today we present the New Bolero collection, the renovation of our velvet fabric bestseller “Bolero”, but this time with brighter and more intense tones

This multipurpose fabric is perfect for curtains, upholstery and accessories, with the wonderful advantage of being soft to the touch, stain free and easy to maintain. 

Are you prepared for this sensory experience with New Bolero