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Touch, touch

We could open an interesting debate and ask:

What do you think is the dominant meaning of the human being and which one would you be able to leave out?

According to several surveys, the sight comes out in the first positions as essential and on the contrary, the touch, is used to being in the queue within our priorities. But is it fair that it be so? Are we aware of what it would mean not to perceive the textures, the softness of the tissues… Imagine for a moment that our nerve endings through the layers of the skin could not send the emotion that a kiss entails to the brain? In the era of the “metaverse”, the trend and interest in the sense of touch could have changed. Researchers have begun to consider how they are going to overcome the barrier of “touching” through a screen and hence they have realized that the study of this sense must become the central focus and the challenge to overcome in the future. 

Today we present you 2 collections where texture is what really matters.

Orsay collection

Smooth velvet with a stonewashed or marbled effect that stands out for its softness to the touch and its wide range of colors, which make it perfect for upholstering both sofas and chairs or for making beautiful cushions.

Lautrec collection

Toulouse Lautrec, one of the best artists of French modern art, gives his name to this fabric. It is a chenille with an irregular texture of great softness. In addition, it is a washable fabric, perfect for use in any decoration.