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This Güell Lamadrid's collection shows us a fabric with oriental and romantic influences that present a delicate style. The drawing is stamped on a base of linen and rayon with a mixture of flowers and birds in elegant shades of colors.

The Metabolist Movement is a contemporary architectural movement that began in 1959 and it was created by a group of Japanese architects and urban planners. It started as an idea to create cities of the future, designed to accommodate a mass

The monumental jungle moves to the collection that bears his name: Amazon. Güell Lamadrid presents this floral tissue 100 % linen, that transport us to the most exotic region, through two printings: Iguazu, flowers and vegetation with a watercolor appearance; and

In words of the fauvist artist Henri Matisse: “There are always flowers for those who want to see them”. A way of understanding life with an essential optimist and loving nature to become part of us, living with it and

Inside Güell Lamadrid’s collection we find Gabriela, the classic English floral print with smooth backgrounds that is renewed with fresh and natural colors 100% linen. It is represented in two different but equally romantic prints: Alegra, with tulips and roses,

LES is a fashion brand from Sevilla, its two creators have a special gift mixing colours, textures and forms. They have recently launched a new Limited Edition collection of t-shirts and sweaters using the fabrics of Güell Lamadrid. The result is really interesting:

Battery Park is part of Güell Lamadrid's collection, composed by two figurative drawings that represent a bookshelf print on a 100% cotton background.     As this is all about books, we are dedicating this article to Literature.   Battery Park as a masterpiece inspired in Literature “Love Stories

We are dedicating this article to the studios of 5 of the most important artists of the 20th century: Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Achille Castiglioni, Alexander Calder and Roy Lichtensein. It is very interesting to see how their interiors reflect