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London is a new and spectacular velvet available in 30 colours. That is why we are dedicating this post to enhance velvet and colour throughout different disciplines that have used them with mastery. We hope they inspire you.     London as a movie "Blue

The Brooklyn-based company Massif Central, dedicated to the production of 100% silk scarves, has launched a new collection in collaboration with contemporary artists: David Shrigley, Jonas Wood, Julia Dault, Peter Halley, Chris Martin, William J. O’Brien, Tal R, Joshua Abelow, Ellen Berkenblit, Chris Lux and Keegan McHargue. The result is marvelous.   Learn more about Massif

The New York based artist Lala Abaddon prints large format photographs, cuts them into hundreds of strips and weaves them together by hand. The result is a marvelous pattern that looks like digital and pixel art. Would you do that

Cinema is a book that includes several fabrics that can work separately due to their individual personality. We can find Orson's bicolor effect and subtle vertical fantasy. Easily matching with it, Welles's little herringbone is available in different colors. Finally,

Obviously, a carpet can not be liquid. But this adjective is the best we could find to describe the work by Faig Ahmed, an artist in Azerbaijan whose skill in woving carpets lets him experiment with wool creating woven optical