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Scottish Gardens

Scotland’s botanical gardens are characterized by their abundance and variety of flowers, and by harmoniously sharing their surroundings with impressive castles and leafy trees. These are the source of inspiration for this collection composed of 3 floral designs, presented in a range of 3 colors each and printed on a quality reminiscent of rustic silk, and that such a good result has given us in previous collections.

Branklyn: unique design of flowers stamped on a neutral background, which is characterized by its broken and irregular stroke that evokes decay and romanticism. The collection is available in 3 color combinations, which convey freshness and elegance at the same time.

Drummond: amazing print design that combines stunning flowers and exotic leaves. It is available in 3 colors that range from the warmest range (red and orange), to the coldest range (blue and gray).

Benmore: The Benmore Botanical Garden, which gives its name to this patterned drawing, is located in the area of Lake Lomond, west of Scotland, and is one of the most impressive botanical gardens in the world. We present this design of floral patterns in 3 color ranges that include blue, red, yellow and gray.

Scotland’s gardens are pure inspiration

No matter what the season, the gardens of Scotland always have something beautiful to offer: fresh spring buds, summer flowers, autumn leaves, amazing winter scenes or great castles. The gardens of Scotland are true urban oases and country paradises.


Home of the Dukes of Argyll, and headquarters of the Campbell clan, Inveraray Castle is a fairytale castle with a 16-hectare garden of lawns, flower beds and forests.


Dunninald Castle is a family home with an acclaimed walled garden, set in a beautiful landscape of forests and wild gardens.


Gordon Castle has one of the largest and oldest walled gardens in Britain. It is being restored by award-winning Arne Maynard.