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Robin the environmentalist

Sherwood Forest was a prized hunting area for 15th-century English kings, and was full of majestic oaks, elms, and beeches. It occupied a vast expanse in the centre of medieval England, surrounded by varied fauna and flora. There were strict laws and penalties were imposed for felling trees and for hunting “the king’s deer”.

Today, unfortunately, only a very small portion of this marvellous forest full of medieval legends remains, where a bandit called Robin Hood became the hero of the most oppressed classes. The idea that he was stealing the rich to hand it to the poor is perhaps the most transcended message from that legendary character, but today, the struggle of this attractive hero would surely have been more oriented towards preserving the natural space.

Sherwood collection

For us, Sherwood is also the name of a very special printed fabric that stands out for its elegance and large-scale rapport. It is perfect for combining with our ROBIN fabric, which is outstanding for its texture in an attractive two-tone design available 11 versions of colours.

It is perfect to combine with the Robin fabric.

Robin collection

This fabric stands out for its texture in an attractive two-tone design in no less than 11 versions.