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Short films made with fabrics and fibers

Stop motion animation consists in generating the illusion of movement through putting togheter still frames with slight differences in the position of their elements. Thanks to colours and textures, fabrics and threads are a perfect raw material to create short fils as these ones we have curated for you.


A girl named Elastika

Threads, office suplies and tons of creativity can be used to create a story that remains us of our children tales.



Hemp animation

It’s an advertising animation by Kamira Fabrics to talk about the properties of hemp fiber. But this does not detract this animation at all.




How can Nothing become Something? From simple threads and whool balls the folks at Zealous Creative have created an inspiring shortfilm. A precious reflexion about destiny and unequality.



Animated zoetrope

A zoetrope is a spinning circle that gives us the chance of seeing a short animated loop. Stripes or circles used in them tend to be printed or drawn bur this ones are… embroidered!



Do you know about some other shortfilm made with threads or fabrics? We would love to hear about it!