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The Galloway forest made fabric

Collection inspired by the most extensive and lush forest in the United Kingdom. Its design, which reminds us of an old tapestry, presents an impressive and abstract drawing that mixes treetops and trunks. Printed on a 100% cotton base, the collection is available in 2 color proposals: an elegant combination of greens and blues, and another in grayscale.

Large scale forests

The artist Chris Engman transports natural landscapes such as forests, waterfalls, caves and deserts to domestic interiors through large-scale photographs placed on the walls, ceilings and floors of the room. His most recent work, Containment, is his first installation that allows visitors to enter his photographs. The work presents a dense forest made through more than three hundred individual prints applied to the surface of the walls of the installation and was part of the FotoFocus Biennial 2018 exhibition.

Photos of the installation ‘Containtment’ (2018).

‘Landscape for Candance’ (2015)

In the words of the artist himself, “Compared to a unique framed photograph, the experience of this installation for the viewer is much more physical and immersive. The structure is a room, not an image of a room. Photography is an object, besides being an illusion. It has weight and volume, and changes as you walk around. Making this installation has been an exciting process, and this new way of working seems to offer many new possibilities.”

‘Refuge’ (2016)