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Vagabond by Lázaro Rosa-Violán

We present you Vagabond, the collection of Güell Lamadrid in collaboration with the genius and interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán. He has conceived a collection inspired by the motifs of the characteristic fabrics of the nomadic ethnic groups of North-West Africa, in arabesque, hydraulic ceramic elements and small geometric decorative motifs that transport us to exotic scenarios of silence and calm.


Photo taken in the pergola of Lázaro’s studio.


Everybody knows him



He is the most popular Spanish interior designer of the moment. In his more than ten years designing the interiors of great restaurants, shops and hotels he has achieved such recognition that his name is already known a brand. His style is so recognizable that everybody has already coined the term “a lázaro” to refer to any of his works.



Lázaro defines himself as: “I am a painter, a traveler, a creator of atmospheres. My philosophy has always been based on accessible design. The experience should be greater than the space and conceived so that everyone can participate in it.” He opened his studio in Barcelona in 2002, where he conceived a new style in which he combined his knowledge as a painter with interior design. Now he has more than 140 people on his team and is developing 200 projects around the world.

His work has marked a trend in the world of interior design. He emphasizes the use of structure, form and his right sense of space combined with an obsession with warm lighting, his intelligent selection of materials, a careful chromatic choice and his predilection for eclectic elements. In all his works they emphasize that eclecticism typical of mixing styles. His passion for travel where he finds endless sources of inspiration, as well as unique objects from other eras, full of history.