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Versalles Collection

The wonderful Palace of Versailles gives its name to this 100% cotton velvet, available in a spectacular range of 120 colors. Perfect to make spectacular curtains, to upholster the most select furniture and to use in decorative accessories.

Olafur Eliasson at Versailles

We present one of the artistic interventions in Versailles that we like the most, that of the artist Olafur Eliasson from 2016. Versailles is a historical place with great heritage value. It is a microcosm in which diverse origins and cultures coexist, a garden of design and geometric lines, and an architecture that witnesses the glory of the kings who built the castle. Olafur Eliasson, the great reference in contemporary art, managed to leave his mark, fusing his particular vision with the majesty of the largest palace in the world.

Always inspired by nature, Eliasson conceived a series of works for the exterior of the palace and for the interior. With them he tried to establish an active relationship with the visitor. Through metaphors of water, the diffraction of light, the confusion generated by the combination of mirrors, shadows and movement, the visitor took over Versailles in a magical way.

Olafur dialogues with the light that penetrates through the windows of the Palace of Versailles and multiplies it in his own reflection. The installed mirrors invited to lose the trail of light, while challenging to find it again.

The outdoor installation was the great protagonist. The Danish artist erected a spectacular 40-meter-high installation on the central axis of the Grand Canal, entitled Waterfall. A waterfall that could have been devised by Louis XIV’s gardener André Le Nôtre himself, who failed to carry out one of his most ambitious projects: installing a waterfall at the corner of the Grand Canal.