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Villeneuve, from flower to flower

Spring is here! Let’s present the new collection of Güell Lamadrid: Villeneuve. Its elegant vintage flower designs are ideal for sophisticated stays. A retro style made in natural bases 100% linen, linen-cotton, linen-viscose.






With Villeneuve we are going to pay a tribute to  flowers, those wonderful companions that give us so much joy and color to our days.


Villeneuve as a fashion designer

Dries van Noten. If someone is passionate about flowers that is the designer Dries van Noten. His collections always have reminiscences to a bucolic and delicate world where flowers are the main characters. Here is one of his most famous walkways during the Paris Fashion Week and photographs of his house on the outskirts of Antwerp where he spends his days relaxing next to his wonderful garden. It seems out of a fairy tale.




Villeneuve as an architect of gardens

Luís González-Camino. He is the founder of Camino Paisajistas, one of the first landscaping studies in Spain. To show the magnificent work of Luis we share this video of Albert Moya for Nowness in which he masterfully portrays the sensitivity of the architect with a report of Cotubín, the personal garden of Luis in his house in Cantabria.



Villeneuve as a journal

The Plant Magazine. We love this amazing magazine for its aesthetics, its originality and its content. It makes a marvelous twist to gardening magazines. Finally a magazine treats with sensitivity and creativity the theme of plants. Its photographic reports are precious, its articles very interesting and it counts with collaborators as Tilda Swinton. We hope you like it.