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Waterland by Blanca Miró

The textile publisher Güell Lamadrid and the international designer Blanca Miró launch the Waterland collection

Blanca Miró Scrimieri (Barcelona, 1992) is a Catalan designer and businesswoman who has become one of the best-known Spanish personalities outside our country in recent years. At 29 years old, she already has 3 businesses: Vasquiat, La Veste and Delarge. With her colorful style and her commitment to mix & match when creating her looks, she has managed to conquer the world of international fashion.

At Güell Lamadrid we bet on Blanca Miró to design Waterland, a very colorful collection, based on some daring drawings devised by the renowned young fashion and design consultant. This collection of natural fabrics (52% cotton and 48% linen) stands out for its colour and wave-shaped drawing that evoke vintage nautical cartography maps. The result is very personal and unique, as she is, and adds to the firm’s commitment to include young talents in interior and fashion design in some of her collections. Waterland is the name with which Blanca Miró wanted to baptize her first design for Güell Lamadrid and it undoubtedly has a fresh, retro and cheerful touch, reminiscent of the way in which the Catalan businesswoman and designer is recognized for her original styling.

 Waterland by Blanca Miró comes in 3 colour ranges: multicolour, blue and earth colours.