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Güell Lamadrid offers fabrics with a wide range of colors, prints and quality designs

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Güell Lamadrid presents collections with high-quality and trendy fabrics, without neglecting the brand's characteristic eclectic style. You will discover fabrics steeped in history, taking inspiration from diverse cultures, offering a captivating colour palette and a wide variety of unique designs.

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Collections featuring ethnic printed fabrics, jacquards, plain and semi-plain, presented in a wide and vibrant palette of colours. Sustainable and stain-resistant fabrics perfect for any decoration.

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Weaving a better world

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Discover our solidarity products and collaborate with social and sustainability initiatives

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50 years of Fabrics with History

To commemorate this important milestone, we have carried out a unique photographic report that highlights the historical and most representative fabrics of the brand in a location full of meaning for the family: Comillas, the charming Cantabrian village. It is in this small corner of Spain where much of the history of the López de Lamadrid family was forged, in a wonderful manor house known as La Portilla.

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