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new collections

Fabric akim for upholster, printed, flower, 100% cotton

New / AKIM

Spectacular fabric printed on a 100% cotton base that takes us back to another era and reminds us of a classic Jacquard of greens.

Fabric Austen for upholstery, stripes, 100% cotton


Collection of two striped fabrics and a micro square to embellish from curtains to upholstered furniture.

Fabric Baku for upholstery, printed, design in black color

New / BAKU

Baku features an oriental-inspired design, with horses as protagonists and a worn-out effect.

Fabric Caucaso for upholstery, decorative pattern, design, chenille


The Cáucaso collection brings the Kovkas and Ararat fabrics, which reflect Oriental and Occidental influences.

Fabric Draco for upholstery, accessories, printed, design, 100% cotton


Dragon design, with three color options. Perfect for use in a wide range of applications.

Fabric Eden for curtains, sheer, plain/solid, in white color

New / EDEN

Double width irregular weave net curtain made of recycled polyester. Available in 12 colors.

Fabric Elbrus for upholstery, accessories, printed, geometric


Design inspired by antique kilims, made with cotton and linen, it stands out for its quality and durability.

Fabric Galloway for upholster, printed, design, 100% cotton


A collection inspired by the most extensive and lush forest in the United Kingdom. It presents an impressive and abstract drawing that mixes treetops and trunks. Printed on a 100% cotton base.

Fabric Granny for upholstery, printed, floral, 100% cotton, in multicolor


Granny combines classic elements with modern touches. A fabric with a petit point floral design.

Fabric Harlow for upholstery, printed, floral, in multicolor


Harlow features a floral print design with two color options on an ecru background.

Fabric Kartli for upholstery, printed, design, 100% cotton, in multicolor


Fabric with exceptional quality and design of animal and nature patterns, underlining the sophistication.

Fabric Kew for upholstery, bed, printed, floral, 100% cotton, in multicolor

New / KEW

Generous rapport interweaving flowers and botanical elements in four elegant shades.

Fabric Lazuri for upholstery, embroidery, design


Embroidered fabric in pastel colors. Made on a cotton base, it combines comfort and aesthetics.

fabric london for upholster, velvet/chenille, plain


London: a new and spectacular velvet with an impressive range of 30 modern colours. Sophisticated, elegant and resistant.

Fabric Monde Sauvage for upholstery, accessories, printed, design


Collection designed by Juan Avellaneda, which fuses the "batik" style with an attractive drawing of animals.

Fabric Nan for upholstery, plain, plain/solid, texture

New / NAN

Plain fabric with worn effect. It stands out for its exuberant texture, high grammage and softness touch.

Fabric Oriental Textures for upholstery, accessories, herringbone


Eco-friendly collection with three timeless fabrics: large herringbone, small herringbone and a semi plain.

Fabric Pushkin for upholstery, accessories, printed, geometric


Pushkin is a geometric patterned fabric, very versatile and suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Fabric Shirvan for upholstery,accessories, printed, design, 100% polyester


Oriental-inspired floral design with a subtle worn effect. Available in four color ranges.

Fabric Wisley for upholstery, printed, floral, 100% cotton, in yellow color


Flowers and birds print in three striking colors that will bring personality to your decorative projects.

Current collections

Fabric Birkin for upholstery, velvet/chenille, geometric, in multicolor


Resistant printed velvet fabric in a mixture of cotton and viscose, very pleasant to the touch and with a striking geometric design inspired by the 60's.

Fabric Dorian for upholstery, printed, floral, 100% linen, in blue color


Linen with an impressive floral design print with oriental touches.

Fabric Flow for upholstery, velvet/chenille, plain/solid, 100% recycled polyester


Velvet of maximum durability with an anti-stain finish, ideal for upholstery.

fabric horace for upholster, plain, plain


HORACE makes a quick impression thanks to the quality of its woolly touch and gracious vigoré effect.

Fabric Nomad for upholstery, decorative pattern, in multicolor


Ethnic, jacquard, plain and semi-plain designs presented in a wide and vibrant color palette.

Fabric Surya for sheer, plain/solid, 100% recycled polyester, in brown color


“Look and feel” linen sheer in double width to make beautiful curtains.

Fabric Aloha for upholster, plain, plain/solid, 100% polipropileno fr, in multicolor


Collection of high-performance indoor/outdoor. Eeasy to clean, fire resistant and water repellent.

Fabric Cotswolds for upholster, printed, floral, in green colour


Cotswolds is a printed fabric, with a wonderful design that is reminiscent of the English countryside.

Fabric Damascus for upholster, plain, design, in ochre colour


Damascus is a elegant collection of high-quality multi-purpose fabrics. Includes three combinable designs.

Fabric Ganesh for upholster, velvet/chenille, geometric, in green colour


Hindu culture is the source of inspiration of Ganesh, a fun collection with an exceptional drape.

Fabric Haru for upholster, printed, design, 100% cotton, in red colour


Haru means spring in Japanese, it is 100% cotton print with a worn effect and an oriental-inspired design.

Fabric Ikigai for upholster, printed, design, 100% cotton, in purple colour


Ikigai is the name of this extraordinary Japanese inspired collection, made up of Kanji, Komorebi and Ukiyo

Fabric Lowlands for upholster, printed, paisley, in multicolor


Printed fabric on a linen and cotton base with a classic “Paisley” design. Available in 3 colour ranges.

Fabric Naila for upholster, embroidery, design, in multicolor


Striking large rapport fabric with embroidered geometric design. Timeless and elegant look.

Fabric Nur for curtains, sheer, plain/solid, in multicolor


Nur is a double-width and recycled polyester sheer. Available in an extensive range of 15 elegant colours.

Fabric Royals for upholster, plain, geometric, in multicolor


Royals is a collection of 5 two-tone yarn fabrics. The textures and finish are the emphasis of this collection.

Fabric Eve for curtains, sheer, plain/solid, in blue colour


Eve highlights both its rustic and natural look and its fall imposing.

Fabric Irma for upholster, decorative pattern, design, 100% cotton, in brown colour


Bold geometric ethnic design ideal for providing a trendy look to any interior space.

Fabric Kay for upholster, decorative pattern, design, in blue colour


Andean-inspired floral fabric, printed on a cotton and linen base.

Fabric Newbolero for upholster, plain, plain/solid, in multicolour


New Bolero transports us to the intense and brilliant tones of India. Available in 35 shades.

Fabric Tailak for upholster, decorative pattern, ikats, in red colour


Mediterranean-inspired Ikat that will give a touch fresh to any room.

Fabric Talos for upholster, plain, plain/solid, 100% recycled polyester


Talos is a bouclé fabric ideal for upholstering and making accessories and decorative accessories.

Fabric Waterland for upholster, decorative pattern, design, in blue colour


Give a cheerful and retro touch with this collection that was born from the collaboration with Blanca Miró.

Fabric Artscraft for upholster, printed, design, in green, orange colour


A collection made up of 3 colorful fabrics that combine with each other: Maybeck Stickley and Mackintosh.

Fabric Belvedere for upholster, velvet/chenille, design, in green colour


Wonderful velvet whose design has an attractive and unique coloring in a pointillist style.

Fabric Boteh for upholster, printed, design, in blue colour


Printed fabric with a cashmere motif that is once again a trend in decoration.

Fabric Fitzgerald for upholster, decorative pattern, stripes, 100% cotton, in ochre, natural colour


Striped design that is a trend and can be used for upholstery, curtains or accessories.

Fabric Franz for upholster, printed, design, 100% cotton, in blue colour


100% cotton fabric with a very original Japanese-inspired print.

Fabric Garnier for upholster, printed, design, 100% cotton, in grey/black colour


Combine Garnier, a magnificent toile de jouy, with Garnier Check, an elegant checked fabric available in 3 colors.

Fabric Klee for upholster, decorative pattern, check/plaid, 100% linen, in blue colour


We love linen and for that reason we launched this collection of paintings with a more than attractive color palette.